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Food to Beat the Blues

How many times have you run to your favorite comfort foods when you are down? Bags of chips, cookies, or ice cream sound like some of the things you use? The big problem is that the fried foods or packaged foods you might have or want could make you feel worse because they are higher in omega-6 fatty acids. Particular foods can be mood boosters.

Mood Foods

Pumpkin Seeds
These yummy seeds are loaded with amino acid tryptophan that becomes a good mood hormone serotonin. They also have magnesium that helps lift your mood.

Eggs are full of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to your body. The choline helps your brain regulate emotions.

Dark Chocolate
Yes, dark chocolate, not milk chocolate, is helpful because of high antioxidants. The secret weapon is the cacao in it that helps with mood and stress levels.

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Yogurt is full of probiotics and they work to reduce bacteria in the gut. Balanced gut bacteria lead to less stress and anxiety and also better moods.

Oysters, Nuts, Green Tea, and Salmon also make the list of foods that will boost your mood! You can eat to help your body!

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