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Heart Transplant to Half Marathon, 2014 oh what a year it has been!

Oh boy, well 2014 can be one for the record books in my eyes! What a YEAR! We ALMOST got through it without any major catastrophes in our health (ALMOST -read on 🙂 ).

Well, when I last left you I was talking to you about how Eric was training for his half marathon. I am pleased to say that he completed it (video below). Yes there was tears and my nerves were on edge that day but all in all he did VERY well (knowing that his heart has ran two marathons before kind of helped 🙂 ). As much as he loved checking that off his bucket list post transplant I don’t believe he has any plans on doing another one. Kudos to all of you marathon runners out there! There is a LOT of training involved 🙂

I also mentioned about the kiddos possibly being in the clear for his specific heart condition with the gene mutation. We have yet to officially get the kids tested for that but an update will be posted soon.

As I said in the beginning of this post we ALMOST got through the year without any medical stuff……..well…….As you may have already seen on Facebook our little girl Erin had surgery in the beginning of the year to remove a second ureter in hopes to stop her urinary track infections (or UTI’s as most women know them by 🙂 ). This was a 6 hour surgery (yes, longer then Eric’s transplant). It was a very tiring and stressful day but in the end we had high hopes that she wouldn’t have to be on any more medication and that her UTI’s would stop. We only came to find out late into the year that they had in fact come back. One time even requiring a few days in the hospital because no antibiotic was strong enough. Well, this past month (January of 2015) we have come to find out that there is still a piece of the ureter large enough to still be causing reflux which in turn is what is causing her continued UTI’s. This story is now to be continued…………..

Now on to Eric 🙂 Yes, he did run the half marathon. Yes, he is doing very well. He gets up with me every morning to workout to P90X3. He continues to drink his Shakeology daily to help keep his kidneys’ strong. And he continues to be constantly on the go and coming up with new ways to enjoy just being a family.

We did however get some news a few months ago. Eric had a follow up appointment with his dermatologist where in they found a very small spot that had not been there before. After an initial test, it was found to be a Malignant Melanoma growth. We were always aware of the higher risk Eric has for skin cancer and we were very cautious. The Dr. said however that the spot could have been there from childhood and just decided to show it’s evil face this year. They removed a pretty large area around the growth and found that it did NOT spread.

Never a dull moment with us huh?!?!? 🙂 Live, Love, INSPIRE! Until we meet again……………may you have a very healthy and happy 2015!!

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