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Life after a Heart Transplant -update-

Well, it’s been just about 6 months since Eric’s First Birthday.  I can’t believe that in just a short amount of time we will be celebrating the second Birthday of our NEW life.  A few of you have been asking how he’s been doing so I wanted to send out a little update.

I am very happy to say that he is doing VERY well!  He is off some meds since his first year anniversary which is always good.  And besides our little scare of pneumonia  last December he has been pretty healthy (everyone please knock on wood   😉 ).  A great feat to reach with having three school age children.

As I had said on my last post he’s began to start running again.  Something he hasn’t been able to do in years. He’s been doing so much of it lately that he’s actually signed up to run a HALF MARATHON in September!  Not gonna lie, it kind of scares me a bit.  But the kids and I will be there cheering him on (and crying a bit in the process too I’m sure  🙂  ).  It’s kind of poetic too.  We received a letter from the parents of the donor and we know that our angel Amber ran 2 Marathons.  The heart is strong, he’ll be fine    If you would like to be there with us to celebrate send me on over a message and I’ll give you the details.

Oh ya, and one more thing.  There is a SLIGHT chance that the way the gene mutation has affected Eric MAY be from a combination of a gene mutation his mom had AND a gene mutation his dad has.  Meaning that if the kiddos don’t have BOTH gene mutations they may not be affected the same way Eric has been.  They of course will still be closely monitored the rest of their lives but it may not need to come down to the severity of Eric’s. LIVE, LOVE, INSPIRE!!!!!!  

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